Stories about earrings

The most expensive earrings made to date were made by The House of Winston – a pair of Diamond Drop earrings consisting of two pear-shaped diamonds set in a platinum setting. Total weight of the diamonds is 60.1 carats. If you wanted to buy them you’d have to pay a staggering $8.5 million!

Angelina Jolie currently holds the record for the most expensive earrings worn to the Oscars. The 115-carat emeralds will set you back $2.5 million if you fancy copying her look…

Unfortunately there are some sad tales about lost earrings. There are daily tweets about people who lost their favourite or expensive earrings, such as the lady who tweeted “I lost my earring on a roller coaster yesterday… those were my favorite one’s”. Likewise, this chap commented: “I lost my favorite earring somewhere – I’m so sad….”

The fate of a lost earring also affects the rich and famous. In 1934 the film star Marlene Dietrich lost an antique pearl earring on the Big Dipper ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The earring was found 77 years later when the lake for the Log Flume ride was drained – too late to be returned to Ms Dietrich who died in 1992.

More recently the reality star Kim Kardashian lost a $75,000 earring in the sea whilst swimming in the sea in Bora Bora. Fortunately for Kim the missing diamond stud was found soon afterwards.

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