LOX Earring Hygiene Seals

Introducing the world’s first hygiene seal for earrings. Earrings fitted with LOX Earring Hygiene Seals offer an improved buying experience and hassle-free exchanges for both seller and customer.

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LOX Earring Hygiene Seals

About LOX Earring Hygiene Seals

Until now, due to hygiene law, earrings have not been returnable. Even online sales of earrings couldn’t be returned because of the risk of potential infection. But now LOX have a unique solution for both customer and jewellery seller.

LOX Earring Hygiene Seals are the world’s first hygiene seal for earrings! Designed and manufactured in Britain, these unique patented hygiene seals can only be fitted ONCE to an earring post. They CANNOT be refitted. Therefore, once removed, this is evidence that the earring may have been worn and the earring becomes non-returnable.

With LOX Earring Hygiene Seals, sellers can now offer a transparent returns policy and service. Earring purchases, including online sales, CAN now be returned if the LOX Hygiene Seal remains intact. Customers can be assured the earrings they are purchasing have not been previously worn and they are able to see them perfectly displayed; not hidden inside a tamper bag.

How to use LOX Earring Hygiene Seals

Jewellery sellers can quickly apply LOX Earring Hygiene Seals to their range of earrings. Then, once purchased, customers can easily remove the hygiene seals from their earrings once they have decided to keep them.

To Apply

Simply push the hygiene seal squarely onto the earring post. When attached correctly, it cannot be removed by pulling.

To Apply

Do not close the metal slider as this will stop the hygiene seal working properly.

To Remove

Close the metal slider completely. The hygiene seal can then be removed easily.

To Remove

Once the slider is closed, earrings cannot be returned.

Watch the video

LOX Earring Hygiene Seals are quick to apply to earrings by the seller and simple to remove by the customer. Please watch this short demonstration.

Why choose LOX Earring Hygiene Seals?

Hygiene sealed earrings allow hassle-free exchanges

Provide improved customer confidence and a better purchasing experience

Patented design adjusts to fit both stud and hook-type earrings.

A world first that sets the standard in earring hygiene

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