Simple to use

Watch this short demonstration to see how easy LOX is to use. Simply push LOX on to your earring post to secure your earring. Then when you want to remove it, squeeze the metal clip and LOX will easily slide off.

Why LOX?

Our Story

One day, over eight years ago, a chance event put engineer Gary Bryant on the path to invention when his wife lost an earring on their gravel driveway. Despite frantic searching, sadly it was never seen again.

This small disaster set Gary thinking. With 14 years experience in medical engineering, working on life support equipment in hospitals, he couldn’t believe there wasn’t a better solution to conventional earring backs, given how easily and frequently they fail. So he started to make prototypes in his garden shed.

Three years later he found the solution, and made what he believes to be the world’s best earring back. Since then, his unique invention has been patented and has several patent pending improvements. It’s been scientifically tested for the equivalent of 50 years of daily use without failing – LOX Secure Locking Earring Backs can actually lift a house brick! Gary insisted that its plastic part was hypo-allergenic and biocompatible. The stainless steel element was also tested for nickel release at the Birmingham Assay Office. The results were negative – another milestone passed.

After eight years of work Gary’s invention came to market. Since then it has sold over 80,000 pairs to delighted customers (read our testimonials below) and appeared at the Clothes Show at Birmingham’s NEC.

Satisfied customers

Good product does as it says. Swift despatch, packaged well. Would recommend these brilliant earrings backs – prevents lost earrings and sore ears as they hold on place safely and firmly but do not have to be so tight to your ear that ear gets sore.

Good service too. Heard about these on TV shopping channel. They’d sold out so searched Amazon of course! Have lost a couple of pear studs at differet times in the past and recently had a problem with the backs of quite heavy drop earrings.
These solved the problem. great invention!

Anne Johnson

Great investment. I bought these after I lost a fairly expensive earring when the back of it fell off in the middle of the day. These earring backs have been amazing – they work exactly as intended and I have peace of mind that I won’t lose another pair of nice earrings the same way.

I would recommend these to everyone they’re fantastic value for money and now that I’ve tried them I won’t use any other type of backing again. In a word: Perfect.

Jane Catesby

Perfect I always lose my studs through brushing my hair of pulling off a jumper. It’s so frustrating the last straw was that I lost one of an expensive pair of studs I have that I purchased in Austria so not easily replaceable, following a good search LOX came up I was quite skeptical but I thought it was worth a try. They are amazing for both studs and large heavy earrings. Just purchase, your earrings will thank you later LOL.

Charlotte Princess C Okosun

So Happy that I found LOX earring backs it’s good to feeling that I can go out without wondering if I will loose a earring…the backs don’t have to be pushed hard against the ear….I highly recommend your earring backs.

Mary Mackinnon

Recently discovered the answer to a versatile earring back that is Secure! The hypoallergenic ear pad is soft and gentle and free of metal that sometimes irritates my skin. Not cheap but worth it – no more lost earrings…

Laura Sedgley Tompkins

Such an innovative product and an everyday essential- can’t believe all earrings don’t have them! Love that they come in gold and silver too – very versatile when I have a mixture of earrings!

Jenni Cannon

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